Saturday, November 3, 2012


This past week was filled with all the fun and excitement that accompanies Halloween!  Naturally, the kids were super excited about Halloween and all of the festivities associated with it.  And we even carved our pumpkins this year as opposed to putting potato head parts in them.  The kids weren't too into it once we started as they didn't realize there would be goop and strange smells involved!  And Shane is the one who wanted the mad/sad pumpkin face!
The kids had many opportunities to wear their costumes.  On Tuesday we went to a lunch Halloween party with some of our homeschool friends from church.  Our hostess, Nicole, went all out fully decorating her house, making seasonal foods, and planning fun games for the kids!  After that party, Faith went to Kindersmusik were she also wore her costume and did some fun Halloween singing and dancing.  Finally at night, the kids had costume night at Awana!  To Awana Shane wore his Iron Man costume and mask that we bought earlier this fall, but to everything else he had to be Buzz...again!!
On Halloween night we went to a friends house again this year for a party and trick-or-treating.  We had to pose for a few pics at home before heading out!
Before going trick-or-treating we attempted a group picture of all the kids.  I think this is most of them!  It's always fun to go as a group.  While Faith had a great time, Shane was a little scared of some of the really decorated houses along with the costumes some people were wearing who were handing out the candy!  After a few scary houses, he would wait to see if the person was wearing a costume, and only go up to get candy once he saw that it was a "regular" person!  He ended up asking to go back early!
I had to include this picture too because I thought Shane's expression was just too cute!

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