Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Summer fun in...Winter!!

The past few days we have enjoyed unseasonably warm weather! It's been a wonderful treat, and Faith is very confused about the seasons! She has learned that there are four seasons and the basics about each, but can't understand how it can be as warm as summer in the winter! We have pretty much the same conversation every day about what season she thinks it is and what season it really is and what is coming next, etc.! Since I didn't want to bring out the wading pool for the kids, I figured the water table would be just as much fun! Shane loved it that he could actually splash and pour water out of the table, as opposed to the bath tub!

Splashing action!

And he's in the throwing stage as well...everything gets thrown eventually!

They played so well together!!

They ended the afternoon on the slide!
It was a great afternoon, and as the warm weather is predicted to stick around for a while, I'm sure we'll bring it out again soon!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Funny Kids!

We have really been enjoying the continual emergence of Shane's personality! He is quite the character, and while Faith can be at times too, they seem to be very different characters. And that makes life very fun! Here are a few examples of our little man...

I can't remember why exactly, but she insisted on wearing the hat while eating lunch. And of course he has to feed himself the yogurt because that's what Faith does! As a result, we usually have a little post-lunch clean up to do!

He loves to climb anything and everything! He really should wear the helmet all the time while playing!

Yesterday, since it was such a beautiful day, we headed to the Santa Barbara zoo with the kids. As always, they love to see the animals! It's fun to see how Shane enjoys the animals more and more each time! His favorites yesterday were the monkeys and of course the sheep. The kids just loves sheep! Both kids also enjoyed playing at the play area.
This is the SoCal version of sledding! Cardboard on fake grass!!

Shane's turn! Again, attempting to keep up with the big sister.

Here, Faith is telling us that she likes the smaller piece of cardboard as the larger piece was just a bit too fast for her!

And here is our funny little guy once again. He's wearing Faith's sunglasses, which he put on himself!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Animals and Bakersfield

This past Tuesday we decided to take the kids up to Bakersfield to the Crystal Palace once again! I think they would want to go once a week if we were up for it! On the way there, we stopped by the house of one of Steve's co-workers. He lives on a ranch and has some horses. The kids were so excited as they both love animals! And as an added bonus, there were dogs. Two days later, both kids are still talking about the horses, dogs, and snow they saw, so it was a successful stop!

Steve and Shane checking out the horse

Dancing before the band came on

Steve and Faith

Shane wanted to run everywhere, so he spent quite a bit of time on Daddy's shoulders!

The band is starting!!

Dancing to her heart's content!

Shane experiencing some freedom