Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The latest from our fam

While we haven't been doing too many exciting things lately, I thought I would put up a few pictures from the past week. 

Sunday was such a beautiful, clear day, we went up to the cross at Grant Park for a panoramic view of Ventura.  It was obviously a popular idea, as there were many people up there!  In this picture, Faith is holding a picture of Flat Stanley!  One of my cousins in Michigan has a son who is in first grade, and his class read a story about Flat Stanley.  Since he is now flat, he takes adventures because he can be mailed across the world in an envelope!  So Stanley has come to Ventura for a visit, and we are taking him on a few adventures around our city before he is mailed back to Michigan!

On Monday we took Flat Stanley to the beach to see the pier and play at the beach park.  It was a windy day and we almost lost him, but thankfully he is still around!
Also last weekend we went to a birthday party at Chuck e Cheese.  The kids love to go there!!  It was Valentina's second birthday, and she is the sister to Shane's dear friend Miles.  It was a fun afternoon of pizza, cake, and of course games. 
With it being a little warmer the past few days, we could not resist a stop for some Fro-yo at Tutti Fruitti!!
And finally, Faith wrote a poem in school today that she wanted me to share!  The assignment was to choose a color and come up with some ways to describe the color using the senses. 
Pink is a doll.
Pink is cotton candy.
Pink is cake.
Pink smells like flowers.
Pink feels like a pillow.
Pink looks like watermelon.
Pink adds a smile to my life.

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