Monday, October 29, 2012

The Latest...

Once again I am playing catch up!  Last week Saturday Faith's soccer season ended.  I must admit, I was thankful as it resulted in two weekly events (Thursday practice and Saturday game) coming off our schedule!  But Faith had a great time playing soccer again this year, and her team won quite a few games, which was fun!  The season will be "officially" over this Thursday night as we celebrate with the team pizza party! 
After a busy day, Faith and I went to an Appetizers and Accessories party hosted by one of the ladies at church Saturday night.  Faith and her friends felt very grown up to be included in the party, and had quite a bit of fun!  They even put on a little fashion show for us, and Faith, being true to her expressive self, was very into the modeling!
We are all getting ready and are excited for the arrival of the baby!  The women at church hosted a shower last weekend for me and Terra, who is due a week after me.  With November 21 quickly approaching (3 weeks!!!), I know I am more than ready! 

Shane decided to be a cowboy one day last week!  I'm not sure what inspired him, other than he has been into wearing costumes lately with Halloween coming up!  The kids will have many opportunities to wear their costumes this week, so check back for pictures later in the week!

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