Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day on the River

On on our last full day of vacation, we took the boat through the lake and onto the Colorado River.  It's always one of our favorite things to do as it is such a beautiful boat ride, and finding a private beach is extremely relaxing! 
After finding a beach, we set up camp and had a picnic lunch.  Then we spent the rest of the afternoon swimming, playing football, and building sand castles.
Kids splashing around!
The boat continues to run well and be a source of family fun!
Heading back to The Nautical, Faith did some of the driving!  It is one of her favorite things to do! 
As our vacation came to an end, we savored the time together, and I really savored the opportunity to relax!  Being our final vacation as a family of four, I know that vacations for the next few years are not going to be as relaxing for me with a new little one running around!  I am thankful for the time we could spend as a family, and of course for Steve for working so hard so that we could get away, and then working hard while we were there so that we could do so many fun things!  I am one blessed mama! 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Boating Fun!

On Tuesday we took the boat out to give the kids a chance to ride on our new, two-person inflatable!  Faith loved it, and Shane said that it was fun, but he had a serious and worried look on his face for most of the ride! 
After awhile Shane was happy to ride on the boat while Faith enjoyed being on the inflatable by herself!
On Wednesday Faith asked if we could take the boat to a restaurant across the lake called The Springs.  We all thought that sounded like a great idea, and the kids took advantage of being on the lake by taking turns riding the EZ Ski!
Looking like a pro!  It wont be long before she starts asking to actually water ski!
Stopping for a swim and some Gatorade!  The kids sat on the back of the boat and shared a drink!
We made it to The Springs for an early dinner!  It had been over a year since we ate there, so it tasted extra good!  Faith was applauded for her great suggestion!
Shane enjoyed a long, post-dinner ride on the ski.
Such a brave little guy!  He did so well!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Havasu part one...and a bit of catch up!

We are having a really nice, relaxing time here on vacation at Lake Havasu!  While it is great fun to vacation with other families, it is nice this time to enjoy a slow-paced trip with no real plans!  We are doing plenty of swimming, but also watching some movies and just taking it easy!  And that is especially nice after the very busy week we had last week!  Last week all of our "school year activities" started up again, making for a very full schedule!  American Heritage Girls began on Monday night for Faith, then Kindermusik and Awana on Tuesday, swim lessons Wednesday, Soccer Thursday, and Friday began Group Solutions, which is our home school school that we attend every other Friday! 
Faith is really enjoying Kindermusik once again!  This semester they are going to learn a new instrument (as seen in the picture), and focus more on reading music.  She did a little concert for us one morning!
While Faith was at Kindermusik, Shane and I enjoyed a little bonding time at Starbucks!  And no, he is not into coffee at the age of four!  He had a hot chocolate while I enjoyed my first pumpkin spice latte of the season!
Sunday morning we went to a favorite Havasu breakfast spot, the Black Bear Diner.  We met Steve's Uncle Rodell there as he lives in Parker, which is about 30 minutes from Havasu.
One of the highlights of the trip so far for the kids has been a water slide!  Steve's dad is staying at a hotel near ours, and one of the pools there has a water slide!  The kids just love it!!
We knew Faith would enjoy the slide, but even Shane went on it right away!  And he loved it!!  Kids are not allowed to go down the slide with any floaties or life jacket on, and Steve was not able to be at the bottom to catch Shane, so thankfully the swim lessons are paying of and Shane was able to swim to the edge by himself!  He felt so proud to be able to do so!  On Sunday he went on the slide for almost three straight hours! 
The kids also brought along some of their cars from home and have spent quite a bit of their non-water time playing with the cars!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Visit to the Farm

This morning Faith and I went on her first field trip of the school year!  We visited a local farm, The Painted Pony, and learned about animals and picked some apples!  Faith had been looking forward to this particular field trip because she really wants to go to farm camp next summer at the Painted Pony! 
After learning about the farm and some of the trees in the area, all the kids were given the opportunity to hold baby chicks and some bunnies!  Faith was a little unsure about holding the bunny, but she did do it!
This girls doesn't let many photo opportunities go to waste!
After holding the animals, the kids had the chance to pick some apples.  We picked Braeburn apples, as those were the one type that was ready to be picked.  We learned that the apple trees at this farm are trees that need only 300 hours of below freezing temperatures.  Most apple trees need many more hours, but since the hills of Santa Paula (where the farm is located!) do go below freezing on winter nights, they can grow apples, but only a limited number of types.
Finally the kids were able to feed the sheep, goats, ponies, and pig!  This was Faith's favorite part!  She could have stayed all day if we did not have to pick Shane up from preschool!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

We had an eventful, fun-filled Labor Day weekend!  Some of Steve's relatives came over for two days, including cousins who live in Canada who we rarely see!  The weather was beautiful and the time shared was a treat!

Saturday afternoon we went to a park at the beach.  The kids played, Faith went on the boogie board in the water with Steve, and she also went on the zip line!  It was a perfect beach day!
While at the beach park, Shane's best friend Miles arrived!  The boys ran around and played Batman together!
Shane looked pretty cute in his game day clothes!  Despite a less than stellar start, the kids and I are glad that college football is back in season!  Go Blue!
After church on Sunday we stopped by our favorite place, Padaro Beach Grill!  As always, the kids played in the giant sandbox while the adults enjoyed relaxing and talking!  And we found Shane's hat that he left there last week Monday!
Part of the crew - Uncle John, Steve, Rick, Brittany, and little Aspen!
This was from yesterday.  After the "Church Lady Workout" (a bi-weekly workout at our church!) Faith and I went and did school at Panera before having to pick Shane up from preschool!  We both enjoyed the change of pace!